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„After bringing plogging to Austria in 2018, Elizabeth Toth, founded the initiative „Plogging World“. Convinced by the holistic approach of having an impact on our

environment, wildlife and on people, she had the vision to join forces with other organizations, cities and communities to create a global event. With the help of her motivated team, Green Heroes, she has managed to persuade people around the globe to join this unique movement.“


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„Plogging provides us a clear message that even though we are running or walking still it’s our responsibility to keep our surrounding clean because it’s my planet my responsibility. So, Plogging might be the sustainable sport of the future as a movement for a better clean planet.“

Abdul Malek Tushar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

„With Plogging, I can accomplish my goal to create awareness for waste management and to combine it with my sports background on a volunteering basis in order to have a cleaner environment for future generations. I am glad to bring the Green Heroes spirit to Turkey.“

Deniz Cantutan, Istanbul, Turkey

„Niimaar started organizing ploggings in 2016 in Finland and we started by running and picking up plastic on the coasts of Helsinki with a small group of motivated people. We found all sorts of trash: trousers, a backbag, plastic bags, bottles, plastic from construction and even needles etc!“

Enni Niimaar, Helsinki, Finland