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„Plogging is a fun activity where you are not only doing sports, but are saving the environment. Plogging comes from the Swedish word „plocka upp“ and „jogging“, which means picking up waste and running. The holistic approach of Plogging helps to keep your body healthy, to free nature from waste and protect animals from injuries. With  „Plogging World“ we want to connect runners all over the world to build the biggest environmental runners movement worldwide. Our vision is to create a waste free world.


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„Plogging provides us a clear message that even though we are running or walking still it’s our responsibility to keep our surrounding clean because it’s my planet my responsibility. So, Plogging might be the sustainable sport of the future as a movement for a better clean planet.“

Abdul Malek Tushar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

„With Plogging, I can accomplish my goal to create awareness for waste management and to combine it with my sports background on a volunteering basis in order to have a cleaner environment for future generations. I am glad to bring the Green Heroes spirit to Turkey.“

Deniz Cantutan, Istanbul, Turkey

„Plogging is not one sport or one crazy trend: it is dozens, and that is why I love it. With plogging, I can spread awareness, impact my environment and meet amazing people. It helps me keep my city clean and green, and it is the fuel Green Heroes Romania and I need.“

Melania Gal-Joo, Cluj, Romania


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